By the end 2014: Over 100 MISSIONS

Through two missions lived in 2009-2010 and 2012-2014, here are precise examples explaining how a K2 MANAGERS partner brought evolutionary solutions to customers Groups during recent crisis.
Download the pdf file to read more about the 2009-2010 mission (in french)…
Download the pdf file to read more about the 2012-2014 mission (in french)…

Aalysis laboratory sector, turnover: > €1200M
CEO & mandate of Director of a subsidiary under chap. 11 of a listed group with heavy restructuring and pursuit of activity in continuation plan.

Building sector, turnover: > €60M - Tourism sector, turnover: > €70M
Administrative and financial audit, implementation of an action plan.

Building sector, turnover: > €40M
Financial direction during crisis period, renegotiation of short- and mid-term cash flow lines. 8 months.

Niche Manufacturer, turnover: > €150M - Furniture sector, turnover: > €60M
Drawing up reliable cash-flow forecasts in collaboration with the Chief and financial officer (CFO). Part time, 6 to 8 months.

Automobile subcontracting, turnover: > €300M
Take over of the Chief and financial officer (CFO) assignment during crisis period. 13 months.

Chemistry R&D sector, turnover: > €3M - Printing sector, turnover: > €7M
Support manager for financial strategy.

Machine Tool sector, turnover: > €120M
Control of external growth, standardization of information system and reporting tools.


  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Financial Consulting
  • Development