Conducting a FINANCIAL AUDIT, establishing an ACTION PLAN, implementing SOLUTIONS

To understand the company's situation, K2 MANAGERS conducts a thorough financial analysis based on any available numbers as well as on interviews of the relevant staff members.

This will enable us to identify the company's strengths and weaknesses, the threats and opportunities linked to its present situation, and this will provide the basis upon which a detailed and sustainable action plan will be built in agreement with the management of the client company.

This independent and synthetic analysis report will provide you with the right steps to optimize: The aim of the analysis is to induce solutions which will give your company the time and solutions to reach optimal performances.

Our interview method also reveals the internal level of competences and opens potential for new progress prospects through: Once the company has approved both the diagnosis and the action plan, K2 MANAGERS will conduct the implementation of the action plan, along with selected managers within the client company.

During the analysis, K2 MANAGERS always proceeds following precise methods.


  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Financial Consulting
  • Development